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Lucida-Note:: 運用方法
Operation method
 About this site and how to operate mastodon account.

mastodonアカウントについて:About this account

 I use it for chats in almost instances.
 We will also do other games playing.

 It is a pleasure to follow you when there are touts with the same hobbies or interests.

mastodonアカウントの運用ルールについて:About operation rule of mastodon account

 Accounts are operated with the following rules.

  • 3日以上トゥートを放置してる垢、トゥート数が極端に少なくフォロー数が極端に多いものは判断します。
     Dirt leaving the tote for 3 days or more,
     I judge what the number of the number of extremes is extremely few and the number of followers is extremely large.
     In some cases it forcibly removes.
  • リプライは受け付けていますが、必ず返信できるとは限りません。
     Reply is accepted, but it is not always possible to reply.
     Please use DM for anonymous questions.
     In addition, because English can not be done by example, it takes time to reply. I'm sorry.
  • リムーブ、ブロック、ミュートは自由です。
     Remove, block and mute are free.
     When separating from me, contact is unnecessary.
  • トゥートが少なく闇雲にニコる方に対しては、通知で操作が阻害されることが多いので
     For those who are less likely to be toute and are blindly cloudy,
     since operation is often hindered by notifications, we may temporarily take block measure.
  • 空中リプライについてはなるべく控えようと思います。
    鬱陶しかったらブロックするなり対応をお願いします。  I will refrain from replying to air as much as possible.
     I will cease sending reply afterwards if there is no particular reaction after sending the reply.
     If you are stunned, please block by blocking correspondence.
  • その他、Mastodon利用規約、本サイト利用規約に準拠します。
     Other, Mastodon terms of service, Terms of use of this site,
     common sense of world standards, and it will comply with your conscience.
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